Africam_Logo is a website that I was introduced to a few years ago by my niece through a teacher in one of her junior high classes.  I’ve been hooked ever since, although my kids still prefer the visually striking BBC series such as Africa, and the Blue, Frozen and Earth, Planet Series. Still, my 3 1/2 year old is just starting to understand that what he  is watching on Africam is live and beginning to feel the excitement.  It is truly amazing that we live in a time and have the technology to watch live audio/video feeds from the manned video cameras in the African bush. has some very cool features in both a free and a paid subscription version.   The free version is supported by advertising which can be a little distracting, though I’ll be honest, although I always support organizations, software developers and websites that I find useful and valuable I use the free version of  This is because they are generating what I believe is well deserved income from their advertising partners.  So while I love their site and wish them all the financial success they deserve, if they are willing to earn this through advertising sponsorship then I am totally willing to let them do so.  I appreciate both the site itself and the advertisers who allow me to enjoy it free of charge, so I do consciously consider the ads in case there is something I need that is offered.  However, if you want an advertisement free version it is available as Africam Pro for only $5 a month.

Here are 5 of the best features this site offers (of course these are in addition to the fact that you are eavesdropping on wild African animals from your computer on the opposite side of the world!)

  1. The ability to watch several of their cameras at once through their multiview.
  2. The ability to take a snapshot of the video feed you are watching which you can then share through your favorite social media network.
  3. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to receive alerts when there are animals present in any of the cameras.  Since there are not always animals present this is what I do.  Then I know exactly when to tune in.
  4. You can set up desktop alerts so that you can also get notifications while you are sitting at a computer.
  5. Watch their daily Video Highlights, view the Photos of the Day or watch archived videos on Africam’s Youtube channel.
  6. The site contains many interesting articles about the animals, current issues (such as the threat of poaching) the cameras and the origins of the site iteself.

    Picture taken from Nkorho pan cam.

    Picture taken from Nkorho pan cam.

So, if your kids love animals, especially the giants of Africa, like elephants, zebras, lions and giraffes, then check out this site.  There is a lot of “down time” but occasionally something awesome appears.  Also, since the cameras are manned, when there is something to see, the camera will follow the action.  Let us know what you think and/or if you have any other amazing sites to suggest that parents and kids might enjoy.

Here is one pic that I took from the live photo stream.  I received a Tweet, clicked the link which took me to the camera where I snapped this picture while watching this elephant in the wild.  My kids were loving it.


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