The Great Courses


I have been a huge fan of the Teaching Company’s Great Courses for about 15 years  now.  The first course I purchased was The History of Ancient Egypt by Bob Brier and I’ve since purchased dozens of courses across many disciplines.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  While most of the courses are surveys of the subject matter, they are still taught at a college level by the top professors in their field.  So, while is aimed at providing resources for parents to inspire their kids toward a lifelong love of learning, The Great Courses, will probably be one of the fruits of that effort.  What I mean by that is that hopefully your children will be buying these courses when they are older or when they have completed their formal education.

For my own use, I tend to purchase the courses that are in areas that I find interesting.  I used to buy the CD or DVD format but now I purchase them exclusively in digital download format.  As far as relating the content to my children, there is a huge wealth of information, most of which is still too advanced for my younger kids.  So, I just enjoy the courses for myself in hopes of becoming more well rounded and better able to inspire my children later on.  I often listen to them on road trips, in between family games and while the kids are watching DVD’s.  I am hopeful that eventually they will be intrigued and listen in or at the very least it will help them to appreciate my love for learning.

Here are a few of my favorite courses and I would suggest you begin in the subjects that interest you, then read the many reviews on the site.  Many of the courses are purely intellectual while others have real world applications, such as gardening and photography, finally there are a few high school courses offered as well though I have not purchased these.  One more thing, every course goes on sale at least once a year for 70% off of the listed price keep checking back for great deals.  By the way, neither or me personally receive any compensation whatsoever for this recommendation.  I just want to share a great product that I’ve used and loved for years.  So here are some of my favorites, several of which are linked.

The History of Ancient Egypt (Audio)
The History of Ancient Rome (Audio)
Conquest of the Americas (Audio)
The History of the United States (Audio)
World War 2: A Military and Social History (Audio)
African Experience: From “Lucy” to Mandela (Audio)

Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy (Video)
Physics in Your Life (Video)
Physics And Our Universe: How It All Works (Video)
Cosmology: The Nature and History of our Universe (Video)
Albert Einstein: Physicist, Philosopher, Humanitarian

Theory of Evolution: A History of Controversy (Audio)
Oceanography: Exploring Earths Final Wilderness (Video)
Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology (Video)
Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe (Video)

Fundamentals of Photography (Video)
Our  Night Sky (Video)

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